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If you want to start a new job or you don’t have any work, you can use the Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana to start a new business. The Shri Vajpayee Bankable Scheme is a government program that helps unemployed people in Gujarat get loans to start their own businesses. You have to read this post carefully to get all the information you need like vajpayee bankable yojana portal, Registration, Login, Check Status of Application, bank list, yojana form download about this yojana.

The Gujarat Government has recently introduced a new scheme called the “Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana” in memory of the late former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. The aim of this scheme is to provide financial support to the employees of the cottage industry in Gujarat. The scheme focuses on promoting entrepreneurship skills and enabling unemployed youth in the state to become financially self-sufficient with their own projects.

The Vajpayee Bankable Scheme offers financial assistance to families in Gujarat who are suffering from financial difficulties. We will provide more information about this scheme, including how to apply, what documents you need, and who is eligible.

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Vajpayee Bankable Yojana 2023

The Gujarat government has a lot of helpful programs for its residents. One of these is the Vajpayee Bankable Yojana. This program provides financial assistance to people in the cottage industry sector. The Atal Pension Yojana is also a program that helps older people in the state.

Under this scheme, money is provided to cottage industry artisans through nationalized banks, cooperative banks, public sector banks, or private banks. The goal is to provide access to self-employment for unemployed people in rural and urban areas, including blind and disabled individuals.

YojanaShri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana
Department Commissioner of Cottage & Rural Industries
GovernmentGovernment of Gujarat
Loan AvailableMaximum of Rs.8 lakhs
Application ProcessOnline
Helpline Number079-23259591
Yojana form downloadClick Here

વાજપેયી બેકબ્લેઝ યોજના

વાજપેયી બેંકેબલ યોજનાના સહભાગી બનવા માટે અરજી કરીને, તમે સ્વ-રોજગારની નવી તકો શોધી શકશો જે બેરોજગાર યુવાનો અને ગુજરાતના ગ્રામીણ અને શહેરી વિસ્તારોમાં લોકોને મદદ કરશે. આ પ્રોગ્રામ ખાસ કરીને આ જૂથો માટે બનાવવામાં આવશે, અને તે તમારા વિસ્તારમાં મળી શકે છે. તમે તેને સ્વરોજગાર યોજના ગુજરાત પણ કહી શકો છો.

Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana

વાજપેયી બેંકેબલ યોજનામાં રાજ્યમાં બેરોજગારીની સમસ્યાને દૂર કરવા, રાજ્યના યુવાનોને ઉદ્યોગસાહસિકતાના કૌશલ્યો સાથે સશક્તિકરણ કરવા, તેમને આત્મનિર્ભર અને આર્થિક રીતે સ્વતંત્ર બનવા માટે પ્રોત્સાહિત કરવા અને અકસ્માતને કારણે વિકલાંગ વ્યક્તિઓને નાણાકીય સહાય પૂરી પાડવા સહિતના ઘણા લક્ષ્યો છે. અથવા જન્મ દ્વારા.

Purpose of Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana

Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana 2023” introduced by the Gujarat government aims to provide financial assistance to unemployed persons in both urban and rural areas, with the goal of promoting self-employment and reducing the problem of unemployment in the state.

The scheme is designed to support the cottage industry and empower the youth of the state with entrepreneurship skills, enabling them to become financially self-sufficient through their own projects.

Additionally, this scheme offers assistance to disabled and blind persons who are interested in starting their own businesses, further encouraging inclusivity and equal opportunity for all members of society. By providing financial support to those who are often overlooked by traditional banking institutions, the Vajpayee Bankable Scheme seeks to enable individuals to achieve their dreams and create their own paths to success.

Loan Amount Limit

The loan limit for this scheme varies based on the sector. For the industrial sector, the loan amount is INR 8 Lakhs, for the service sector, the loan amount is INR. 8 Lakhs, and for the trade sector, the loan amount is INR 8 Lakhs.

Industries sector₹8.00 lakh
Service sector₹8.00 lakh
Business sector₹8.00 lakh

Rate of subsidy on loan amount

AreaGeneral CategoryScheduled Castes/ Scheduled Tribes / Ex-serviceman/Women/ blind or handicapped

Subsidy Limit

Sr. No.SectorLimit of Subsidy Amount
3BusinessGeneral CategoryUrban₹.60,000/-
Reserve CategoryUrban/ Rural₹.80,000/-

Vajpayee bankable yojana bank list

  • Nationalised Banks
  • Co-operative Banks
  • Public Sector Banks
  • Private Banks

Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Portal

The Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Portal is a website where you can register yourself to apply for a loan. This website is designed to make the application process easier and help you find the information you need quickly.

Vajpayee Bankable Yojana portal

To get a loan from the Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Portal, you can go to the website and register yourself. You will need to provide your Aadhaar card number and mobile number. Once you have registered, you can log in and apply for a loan. The online application process is easy to use. portal

Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Portal is an online platform that is designed to be easy to use and understand. It allows individuals to register for the scheme, check the status of their application, and receive regular updates on the progress of their loan application.

The Vajpayee Bankable Portal has security measures in place to keep your personal information safe. These measures make sure that your information is not easily accessed by others.

Key features of the Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Portal:

  1. Online registration process: Users can easily register themselves on the portal by providing their Aadhaar card number and mobile number.
  2. Loan application: Eligible individuals can apply for a loan amount through the portal.
  3. User-friendly interface: The portal is designed to make it easy for people to use.
  4. Application status: Users can check the status of their loan application through the portal.
  5. Security: The portal has security measures in place to keep your data safe.
  6. Mobile-friendly: The portal is easy to use on your mobile phone.

Vajpayee bankable yojana eligibility:

  • To be eligible for this scheme, the applicant must be between 18-65 years of age.
  • Have a minimum educational qualification of standard 4th pass.
  • Additionally, the applicant should have completed training for a minimum of three months from a private establishment or at least one month from any Government-approved institute.
  • The proposed company’s field must be an ancestral craftsman or have experience of a minimum of one year in the same field.
  • There are no criteria in terms of family income.

Shri Vajpayee bankable yojana documents

To apply for the scheme, applicants need to submit several documents, including an Aadhar Card, a Ration Card, a photograph of the applicant, a birth certificate of the applicant, a project report/Business Plan, a caste certificate (if applicable), an educational certificate (4th standard qualified), and proof of training course.

Here’s the full Vajpayee bankable yojana documents list:

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Training certificate
  • Educational certificates or proof (If applicable)
  • Caste Certificate
  • Photo
  • School Leaving Certificate
  • Proof of Business Place
  • Quatation
  • Sammiti Patra
  • Bank passbook copy
  • Business details

Vajpayee bankable yojana Registration Process:

Before applying for Vajpayee bankable yojana, first you have to register on the Vajpayee bankable portal. So read the below steps for registration purposes.

Step 1: Registration or Create an Account

  • Go to the official Vajpayee bankable yojana portal:
  • Now on the homepage click on Bankable Loan Registration >> Register.
Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana registration
  • In the next step, Enter your Mobile number.
  • Enter the Captcha code and Click on Send OTP.
  • Verify the OTP by clicking on the Submit OTP button.
Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana citizen register

  • Now a Citizen Registration form will open and enter the following details:
    • Name
    • Email
    • Password (Save the password for login purpose)
    • Captcha code
  • Click on the Register button.
Vajpayee Bankable

Step 2: Vajpayee bankable yojana Login

  • Visit the official Vajpayee bankable yojana homepage.
  • Go to the Bankable Loan Registration >> Login.
  • Enter the registered Mobile Number.
  • Enter the password.
  • Fill the captcha code and click on the login button.
Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Login

Step 3: Apply for Vajpayee bankable yojana Loan

After successfully logging in, the Bankable scheme dashboard will open. Now follow the below instructions to apply for Vajpayee bankable yojana loan.

  • Click on the New Application button.
  • Now select the Shree Vajpayee bankable yojana and submit it.
Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Application form
  • Fill out the Application Form:
    • Applicant Details
    • Address Details
Shree Vajpayee Bankable Yojana
  • Fill out the Scheme Details:
    • Project Details
    • Business details
    • Details of Experience/Training
  • Upload the necessary documents.
Vajpayee Bankable Yojana apply online
  • At last click on the Submit Application button.

Vajpayee bankable yojana status check

Checking the status of the Vajpayee Bankable Yojana application is a straightforward process. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check the status of your application:

  1. Go to the official website of Vajpayee Bankable Yojana portal
  2. On the homepage, you will find an option for “Application Status” on the menu bar. Click on it.
  3. On the next page, you will be prompted to enter your application number, date of birth, and captcha code in the respective fields.
  4. After entering the required information, click on the “View” button.
  5. The status of your application will appear on the screen. It will show if your application has been approved or is still in the verification process.
Shri Vajpayee Bankable Yojana check status

In case your application is still under process, you will be able to see the status of the same. You can also check the status of your application by calling the toll-free helpline number of the Vajpayee Bankable Yojana or by visiting the bank where you have submitted your application.

Vajpayee bankable yojana Gujarat form pdf

Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Gujarat form pdf is an application form that needs to be filled by eligible individuals who wish to avail the benefits of the scheme. The form is available in a downloadable pdf format on the official website of the Gujarat Cottage and Rural Industries Corporation Limited.

The form contains various sections where the applicant needs to fill in personal details, educational qualifications, project details, and other required information.

The applicant also needs to attach necessary documents such as an Aadhaar card, ration card, educational certificates, and proof of training course. Once the form is filled completely, it needs to be submitted along with the documents to the nearest nationalized bank, cooperative bank, public sector bank, or private bank, where the applicant wishes to apply for the loan.

The form pdf ensures a hassle-free process for applying for the scheme and enables eligible individuals to access financial support for their self-employment projects.


In summary, the Vajpayee Bankable Yojana in Gujarat is a scheme designed to support the cottage industry and promote entrepreneurship skills among the youth in the state. The scheme provides financial support to unemployed individuals in rural and urban areas, including disabled and blind persons, and helps them become self-reliant and financially independent. The loan limit for the scheme varies based on the sector, and there are specific eligibility criteria and required documents that applicants must meet to qualify for the scheme.


What is vajpayee bankable yojana in Gujarati?

આ યોજનાનો હેતુ શહેરી અને ગ્રામીણ વિસ્તારોમાં બેરોજગાર વ્યક્તિઓને સ્વ-રોજગાર પુરો પાડવાનો છે. વિકલાંગ અને અંધ વ્યક્તિઓ પણ આ યોજના હેઠળ લાભ લેવા પાત્ર છે.

What is Vajpayee bankable yojana contact Number?


Vajpayee bankable yojana gujarat details?

Loan limit for Vajpayee Bankable Yojana varies per sector: INR 8 Lakhs for industrial, service, and trade sectors.

How to download Shree vajpayee bankable yojana gujarat form pdf?

Vajpayee Bankable Yojana Gujarat form is a downloadable PDF form available on the official website of Gujarat Cottage Industries.

Who is eligible for the Shri Vajpayee Bankable Scheme?

The Shri Vajpayee Bankable Scheme is designed to help unemployed youth in Gujarat get started in their own businesses. This will help them become more self-sufficient, and provide them with skills that they can use in the future.

How can I apply for the Shri Vajpayee Bankable Scheme?

o apply for the Shri Vajpayee Bankable Scheme, you should carefully read the details and requirements of the program and prepare the necessary documents.

What is the aim of the Vajpayee Bankable Yojana?

The Vajpayee Bankable Yojana aims to provide financial support to the employees of the cottage industry in Gujarat, particularly unemployed individuals in rural and urban areas, by offering them access to self-employment opportunities.

Is the Vajpayee Bankable Scheme exclusive to Gujarat residents only?

Yes, the Vajpayee Bankable Scheme is exclusive to residents of Gujarat only as it is a government program by the Gujarat government. However, other states may have similar schemes that offer financial support to unemployed individuals who want to start their own businesses.

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