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mParivahan App is the app made by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and today we will share with you all the information about the mParivahan app made by the Government of India for the use of citizens. In this app various services like mParivahan online, mParivahan challan, mParivahan RC, mParivahan website, and mParivahan RC status, are available.

mParivahan App

mParivahan App is an app launched by the ministry of road transport and National Highways. By using the mParivahan app you can get basic services like vehicle-related services, License related services, etc. You can also get a virtual online RC and driving license, road tax can pay, and get information on the status of your car being towed.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has launched the mParivahan App under the Digital India program. This application is providing online services or facilities related to Road Transport Offices. mParivahan Mobile App has computerized more than 1300+ RTO offices under one application.

Given, that this digitalization of road transport offices has helped people to get services and facilities in a very quality manner also the quality of the working environment of RTOs has also changed. Many people don’t know how to use its features. They can read this full article, here is descriptive information related to the mParivahan app.

AppmParivahan App
About AppRoad Transport Office(RTO)
Developed byNIC
Helpline Number+91 01202 459171 app

Using the mParivahan app you can also complain about any unwanted thing happening around you like if someone is not wearing a helmet then you can click his/her photo or upload it in the mParivahan App. It will help the ministry of road and transport with unusual things happening around us.

राजस्थान SSO आई डी

Objective of mParivahan

  • To reach the various services of the Transport Department to the public easily and through online means,
  • To provide better services to the citizens along with the transport department,
  • To quickly and effectively implement government policies from time to time,
  • Creating a better image of the government and department,
  • Providing the online facility of vehicle RC/DL information for other government departments

Using a smartphone has become very common and easy these days. So the government is trying to connect with the people to provide online services. This will help citizens to get road transport office-related services in an efficient manner.

The mParivahan App empowers the citizens of India to access various information and services instantly through a mobile-based application. It aims to enhance convenience and transparency under the system.

Benefits of the mParivahan App

The major advantage of using the mParivahan mobile application is to make digital service hassle-free, some of the main benefits of this application are given below:-

  • This app helps to find the details of any vehicle by just providing the registration number
  • It helps in getting the details of old vehicles
  • It provides information to know driving license services or driving license mock tests, nearest pollution check center RTO office is also in this application.

 बिहार बेरोजगारी भत्ता योजना

When you open the mParivahan app, you can simply enter the registration number of your vehicle and you will be able to see the following details in addition to the registration details

  • insurance validity
  • vehicle fitness validity
  • Pollution Control (PUC) certificate.
  • However, if you are not able to see the details regarding the PUC certificate, insurance, etc. then you will have to carry the original documents again. And, if you want to store RC/DL in the app, you need to register in the mParivahan app.

Various Services Available on the mParivahan App

  • Find RC/Registration Card on m Parivahan App:-
    • Open m Parivahan App on mobile
    • An option of “RC” is available
    • Enter the RC card number
    • Details will be shown on the screen
    • To get complete details virtual registration card must be generated, see below the process of making in virtual RC m Parivahan app
  • Create a Virtual Registration Card
    • Enter the Engine Number and Chassis Number, which is available on the RC Card
    • Virtual registration card created
    • You can use it at the time of checking at a traffic signal
  • Virtual Driving License on m Parivahan App:-
    • Open the m Parivahan app
    • Click on the link “DL” on the Driving License Dashboard
    • Enter your driving license number to get details
    • Now this card is used as a virtual DL card for future use

mParivahan App Download

  • To download the mParivahan app firstly, you have to download mParivahan from the link given below from your mobile, after that you have to install it on your mobile.
m Parivahan

mParivahan login

mParivahan login: To log in follow the following instructions:

  • Go to official the mParivahan App.
  • Now click on the Sign in button in the App.
  • Enter your Mobile Number.
  • Now you will get an OTP on the entered mobile number.
  • Verify the OTP.

How to check mParivahan RC Details

To check the mParivahan RC details, follow the following steps:

  • Open the mParivahan App on your Android or IOS Mobile.
  • Firstly, you have to go to the dashboard of the mParivahan App.
  • There you will have an option named RC, click on it.
  • In this option then you will be asked for this RC number which you have to enter correctly.
  • After that, click on the search button to get your RC details.
mParivahan App

How to check mParivahan DL Details

If you’re interested to know your Driving License details online, then follow our below instructions carefully.

  • Go to the google play store and download the mParivahan App.
  • Open the mParivahan.
  • On the left upper corner, click on the Menu button.
  • After that, click on DL information.
  • Now enter the Driving License Number in the provided textbox.
  • Hit the enter button to get the Driving License details online.

How to search Challan on mParivahan APP

  • Open the mParivahan official App.
  • Tap on the left upper corner.
  • Now you will see the Search challan option.
  • Now you can search your challan either by DL or RC.
  • Enter the DL or RC details to get your Challan details.

How to Check DL by date of birth on the mParivahan app:

To check your driving license by date of birth, you have to click on Search DL by DOB option in the sidebar of the mParivahan app.
After that, you have to enter your DL number and your date of birth.

mParivahan App
  • Then when you click on the search option, all the information about the driving license related to that DL number and date of birth will come in front of you.

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What is mParivahan App?

mParivahan App is an app launched by the ministry of road transport and National Highways. By using the mParivahan app you can get basic services like vehicle-related services, License related services, etc.

How to download the mParivahan App?

Go to the google play store by clicking here.
Search for mParivahan in the search bar.
Choose the first suggestion.
Click on the Install button and install the mParivahan App.

How to download RC from the mParivahan app?

Open the mParivahan App on your Mobile.
Click on RC Information Tab.
Now Enter the RC Number.
Click on the Search button.

How to use mParivahan app?

You can use the mParivahan app for different purposes like create virtual RC, Virtual DL, RC information, DL information, and other license-related services.

How to update insurance details in the mparivahan app?

Right now update insurance details service is not available in the mParivahan app because now the insurance details are updated automatically on

How to check RC mParivahan details online?

Download the mParivahan App and Open it.
Go to RC information.
Enter Vehicle RC Number.
Get the online vehicle details.

How do I login into mParivahan?

Open the mParivahan App.
Click on the Sign-in option.
Enter Mobile Number.
Verify the mobile number with OTP.

mParivahan Helpline Number?

+91 01202 459171

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