10+ Best Free Stanford Univeristy Courses & Certificate

10+ Best Free Stanford Univeristy Courses & Certificate

1. Machine Learning Course from Stanford University

Learn Algorithms, data minig, Supervised, unsupervised learning from university experts. Course duration:  55 hours

2. Stanford Algorithms Certificate

It is the course related to the computer science field. You can learn different aspects of algorithms Course duration:  4 months

3. Cryptography Course by Stanford University

This course gives you the internal structure  and working of cryptographic systems  Course Duration: 28 hours

4. Artificial Intelligence for Robotics Nanodegree

Learn Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University experts. It includes programming of robotics. Course Duration: 2 months

5. Massive Datasets

It covers the major Machine Learning algorithms, PageRank and other topics in deep manner. Course Duration: 10 hours per week

6. Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part 2

You'll learn advanced algorithms (greedy, dynamic programming, NP-completeness) and other topics related to algorithms. Course Instructor: Tim Roughgarden(Professor of Computer Science Stanford University)

7. Compilers by Stanford University

You'll learn everything related to the Compiler. Including Lexical analysis, Parsing Tree, code generation. As a result you understand the low level working of programming codes.

8. R Programming Fundamentals

You can learn free R Programming language from Top Stanford University Professors Course Duration: Estimated 6 weeks

9. Databases: Relational Databases and SQL

Learn Relational Databases and SQL, Advanced Topics in SQL Course Duration: 2 weeks Course Instructor: Jennifer Widom, Stanford University

10. Computer Science 101

Computer Fundamentals and basic(chips, cpu). Internet and computer security. Course Duration:  6 weeks Course Instructor: Nick Parlante, Stanford University